Schools in Abu Dhabi

The school system in Abu Dhabi caters the needs of different communities that reside there. Education is mandatory for all nationals in UAE and outsiders along with locals enjoy the same standard education.

International schools which primarily include European and British ones are plenty in number offering a diverse learning environment. Due to a high population of Asians settled in Abu Dhabi a number of schools follow the Pakistani and Indian curriculum. Some of the Indian schools have also managed to improve their rating from good to outstanding by raising their educational and infrastructural facilities for the students. 

The best schools in Abu Dhabi groom and support the students on a more personal level by paying attention to their special needs. Teachers are coached to plan activities for students with unique grasping abilities of knowledge. So course work covers up multiple teaching styles and theories. 

The fee structure of schools in Abu Dhabi is regulated by the Abu Dhabi Educational council which does not permit raising the fee structure from the threshold this regulatory body has set. The language of instruction in schools in Abu Dhabi is Arabic and English thus the students are expected to communicate fluently in at least one of these. 

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