Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Internationally renowned, the restaurants in Abu Dhabi offer its customers a difficult option to choose from. Each of them is unexampled in their own way and has succulent food. 

The vegetarian restaurants in Abu Dhabi serve great food. Alongside, they have enticing interior, cupboards permeated with pictures and different oils to test, table with herbs in petite glass jars, plates attached to the walls and cutlery in a small basket. All of this makes a fine dining experience. 

The Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi are no less. They have the finest sushi that will entice your taste buds. Coupled with this, they have subtle décor to provide a homey ambience, resplendent cutlery, large menu with countless tasty dishes to choose from and soothing music to relax your senses. Their top favorite dishes are tofu, rolls, jellyfish and gyoza.

The seafood restaurants in Abu Dhabi are in the list, too. These are marked with tasty side orders, monochrome interior to ensure a slick vibe, pleasant views, and a shopping basket to help you make selection. The top food includes prawns, lobsters, shellfish, Chilean sea bass and fillet.

These were some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The selection should be made according to what you like the most.

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