Residential Towers in Abu Dhabi

With the recent hike in population, luxury apartments in Abu Dhabi are selling like hot cakes; people are going crazy after the recently opened lavish residential towers. These towers are not only an architectural marvel but are designed specifically for the needs of elite class, attention to detail is remarkable and the spacious living rooms are known for their wooden floors and large cabinets. 

Large King size bedrooms are the hallmark of Abu Dhabi luxury apartments and people are loving the concept of balcony gardens. Moreover the best feature of these newly erected residential towers is the location; they are located at a very convenient place, easily accessible from each corner of the city.

Residential towers in Abu Dhabi are gaining immense popularity because of their futuristic designs, breathtaking interiors and stunning balcony views. These residential towers are an ideal place for families as kids get their own play area, grownups have a community center and swimming pools along with entertainment zones are a massive hit. 

Luxury Residential towers in Abu Dhabi is a relatively new concept but looking at the recent success major real estate players are expected to jump in, which will further catapult the standard of living in Abu Dhabi.