Malls in Abu Dhabi

The malls in Abu Dhabi are a dreamland for the ones who love shopping, eating scrumptious food and get a kick out of life. Perceptible designs, cavernous and wide walkways, vibrant décor, heavenly restaurants and vast range of shops have taken the top malls in Abu Dhabi to a new level of creativity and facilitation. 

Top shopping malls in Abu Dhabi have a spacious parking place so traffic is a rare problem. They offer majestic views of the city, have the top brands lined up for you on different stories, contain palatial cinemas for an unforgettable movie experience and genial bowling alleys. It is difficult to choose the best Abu Dhabi mall because most of them are purely meritorious. The soothing sound of water falling from the fountains is very assuaging, they are complemented with meritorious mahogany fittings, contains high-tech escalators and all the major banks under one roof.

The top shopping malls in Abu Dhabi are equipped with all the services you can think of. Free Wi-Fi is a necessity, it has pleasurable entertainment areas for children, complacent prayer and baby changing rooms, family restrooms with a homey ambience and transcendent washrooms

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