Hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi

Combining the biggest and the brashest with the flashiest and the fastest, Abu Dhabi is home to some of the world’s most exciting new adventures and is the perfect city to live out the millionaire lifestyle for a few days.

The multibillion hotels surely top the list of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi with their world class facilities and its fancy amenities. The five star Abu Dhabi hotels offer an intriguing mix of cultures providing a variety of dinner menus in several restaurants known for its iconic skyline, the city of Abu Dhabi also houses the famous Island which has a plethora of hotels and resorts. Downtown Abu Dhabi has few of the luxurious hotels in the city ; hotels here a stomping ground for petrodollar dealmakers. Housed in sky-high glass towers that overlooks the Cornice, with clubby 24-hour lounge where business travelers rendezvous.

The newly opened lavish Abu Dhabi hotels are decidedly more whimsical, with highly modern wavy blue-and-green exterior and ultra-flashy room. On the same stretch of sand sit another bunch of hotels with a free flowing glass structure than leans four times more than the tower of Pisa.

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